St. Mathews Ikomero came into existence on February 9th 2010 when the first student was admitted. This was under the leadership of Mr. Mourice Angoya the then Head teacher of Ikomero Primary School.

            Since its inception, the school has straddled like a colossus. In academics and co-curricular activities, it has not been left behind. As far as academics are concerned, the year 2013 is nostalgic as this is the year when we presented our first K.C.S.E candidates. 34 students sat their exam that year and we managed to take 2 to university. Although we managed a mean score of 4.8. It was not a mean but an achievement. 8 years down the line, St. Mathews Ikomero is considerable as one of the best schools in Khwiser Sub County.

            On co-curricular activities, we made our first mark in scouting in 2013 when we qualified for county competition. Since that time, it has been success all through be it in netball, football, handball, drama, athletics and music where we have presented teams and emerged the best at the national festivals.

            As far as the size of the school is concerned, it has grown considerably. On the first day of admission, the school had an enrolment of a student and one year later. It had an enrolment of 38 students. Currently the school is boasting 447 students.

            The staff of the school stands at 27 with 22 teaching staff and 5 support staff. The CBE of the school was at 18 by 2015 but the enrolment dictates that the CBE should be higher than that.

            The management of the school has not disappointed. Mr. Harrison Maliatso chaired the first board of Governors but on interim basis. Mr. Wilson Ambani heads the first legally constituted Board of management that is current.

            The school Physical facilities have improved. The school began with humble facilities of the Primary section. The facilities have improved since the school relocated to its new plot of 1.3 acres. The school now boasts of 8 classrooms, administration block, a kitchen and a thin laboratory which is under construction.

            The school has done well in different disciplines because of the high discipline instilled in the students by the disciplinary committee led by Mr. Obongita Oyamo who is also the Deputy Principal.

            As the administrator, am looking forward to even higher development of the school in all areas, as the students believe we are the conquerors and we are made of winners.

                                                God bless our school.

Welcome to St. Mathews Ikomero the school of conquerors. For any assistence contact +254704389962/+254733535504.



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