This is a very parietal office in the working of a school .It is concerned with discipline, student leadership, routine, curriculum implementation and coordination of club and societies.

The success of this school is to a greater extend done to the commitment and seriousness of the office in the school.

Md. Audrey Ayuya (2011-2014) and Mr. Oyamo Obongita (2014-up to date) have occupied the office

For the time the school has been in existence, it has enjoyed total support from the community and administration in particular. Challenges that were observed during initiation as far as discipline is concerned have been dealt with .As at now, the student and teacher discipline are above average, thanks to the support of student leaders .It was led by:

           2010-2013-Stephen Nehondo and Risper Maloba

            2013-2014-Fred Ndalo and Margaret Odari

            2014-2015-Bartone Omusinde and Immaculate Auma

            2015-2016-Kennedy Andunga and Martha Ngoka

             2016-2017-Emmanuel Odhiambo and Amwayi Miriam

            2017-update-Calisters Isaya and Diana Makungu

On clubs and societies coordination, the office has seen science club go up to regionals 2018, music up to national 2014, scouts to nationals 2018.Others co-curricular   have equally excelled. Football boys up to county 2015 and 2018, girls up to county 2017and 2018 .I thank colleague teachers who coach and patron the students in the same fields.

The school routine has been tightened and become more productive with due course. We start our programmes at 6:45pm and go on up to 6:00pm in the evening. Support from teachers and parents  cannot be  wished  away .Teachers  sacrifice  up to  as late as 7:00pm to leave the school .This efforts  has seen the school post improved performance  having  a university  entry of a student (2017) 9, (2016) 9, (2015)1, (2014)0, (2013)2.

The office has improved on curriculum implementation to the extent that any missed lesson must be recovered with proper records done. Lesson attendance register has been implemented fully alongside the T-PAD and performance contracting policy of the T.S.C.

However, the school faces several challenges that include:

a)    Boy-girl relationship being a mixed day school.

b)    Absenteeism from among student and staff.

c)     Difficulty in implementing the language policy given the rural set up of the school.

d)    Poverty in the society making it hard for parents to buy uniforms for their children and student being absent due to lack of academic requirements and lunch pay.

                                                                     REPORT COMPILED BY

                                                                     DEPUTY PRNCIPAL,

                                                                      MR. OYAMO OBONGITA 




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